As part of Corporate Social Responsibility – IMO participates in various activities such as Barangay drainage clean-up, tree planting, book giving to selected schools in the local areas, participation to yearly Earth Hour and donation to those in need such as relief goods to typhoon and other calamity victims.

The corporate social responsibility (CSR) program of Ina Micro Opto Corp is a source of pride for the company, and it actively participates in a variety of worthwhile initiatives that help the neighborhood and promote a sustainable future.

Participating actively in Barangay drainage clean-up operations is one way IMO shows off their CSR endeavors. Employees work together to clean and remove drainage systems in nearby barangays because they understand how important it is to preserve a clean and healthy environment. By doing this, they support efficient waste management, minimize flooding, and improve the community’s general wellbeing.

Additionally, IMO regularly participates in tree-planting campaigns since it understands the value of environmental preservation. The company plants trees in defined places with the help of neighborhood groups and community members, aiding in reforestation initiatives and the protection of natural ecosystems. In addition to reducing climate change, these tree-planting initiatives promote environmental responsibility among community members and staff.

By donating books to particular local schools, IMO also supports education in the community. The business wants to empower pupils and improve learning possibilities for young minds by contributing educational resources. This project fosters a culture of information sharing and growth and contributes to improving education.

Additionally, IMO shows its dedication to environmental sustainability by actively taking part in the annual Earth Hour. To demonstrate its commitment to energy conservation and to spreading awareness of the significance of lowering carbon footprint, the corporation joins millions of people and organizations around the world in turning off non-essential lights for one hour during this global event.

IMO lends a helping hand during disasters and calamities by giving typhoon and calamity victims relief supplies. The company shows its sympathy with the impacted communities by providing assistance to those in need and by supplying vital resources to help with their recovery and reconstruction efforts.

Ina Micro Opto Corp goes above and beyond its main business operations to have a beneficial impact on society and the environment through these many CSR initiatives. By taking on social responsibility, the business actively supports sustainability, the well-being of the neighborhood, and its principles of empathy, compassion, and environmental awareness.