Production control is involve from the purchasing of the materials for sub-items and microscopes production up to its ship-out (both local and foreign) to its corresponding customers as it covers purchasing, planning, costing, purchasing, warehousing and impex.


Deals with the purchase of parts and materials for additional processing and making sure that it is delivered on time based on it’s set PO due date. Making of forecast (6 months) and issuing PO based on the planner’s encoded data from customers and it’s on-time delivery are basically the main responsibilities of purchasers. NO STOPPAGE is basically a top priority!


Starts from the receiving of forecast and purchase orders (PO) from different customers. These are then encoded in the IPMS (Ina Plant Manufacturing System), a system made by OLYMPUS to be exclusively use by it’s major sub-contractors in Cebu. Needed data will be generated after the weekly running of MRP. Adjustment by the planners will be made if necessary.
Planners are assigned per customer to fully monitor progress of it’s corresponding items. Monthly, they will be making a daily production schedule for Assembly and Painting Sections and it’s ship-out date. Daily monitoring and follow-up to concerned section is conducted to make sure that the plotted schedule are met on time. A follow-up in-charge for Machining section is assigned for the over-all scheduling of parts needed in the production.
Monthly load evaluation is done to assess section’s load against it’s capacity. Countermeasures will be immediately made to address any deficiency in it’s capacity. Sections are challenged and committed to met the target as planned.