A monthly event when employees' suggestions are honored with the goal of streamlining procedures and eliminating human error at work to increase the efficiency and production of the firm.
The company Ina Micro Opto Corp is dedicated to ongoing development and values employee-driven projects. The company runs a monthly Kaizen and 5S awards program in order to promote an innovative and effective culture. Through this program, staff members can share their insights and recommendations for streamlining procedures, reducing human error, and ultimately increasing the effectiveness and productivity of the business.
Employees are encouraged to contribute their creative suggestions and ideas that have the potential to improve operations, decrease waste, streamline workflows, and enhance quality during these monthly events. A committed team examines and assesses the submissions, taking into account their viability, significance, and prospective advantages. The best and most influential ideas are honored and recognized, not just as a sign of gratitude but also to encourage others and foster a culture of constant growth.
Ina Micro Opto Corp empowers its staff and instills a sense of ownership and responsibility in each employee by embracing and putting employee-driven ideas into practice. In addition to producing tangible results, this proactive approach to problem-solving and process improvement also promotes a supportive and enjoyable work atmosphere. The company utilizes the combined knowledge and creativity of its staff through the Kaizen and 5S awards program, and it also strengthens its commitment to promoting excellence and maintaining the highest standards in the industry.