The routine practice of the three simple principles. Additionally, the section that fully implements 5S receives a monthly prize for excellence, making them the model section of the month.
Ina Micro Opto Corp understands the importance of maintaining a clean and orderly work environment for maximum productivity and safety. To promote a culture of cleanliness and organization, the company conducts daily "General Cleaning" operations that follow the 3S (Sort, Set in Order, Shine) principles. Through this practice, employees are encouraged to actively contribute to maintaining their workstations' organization and cleanliness.
During General Cleaning, employees are encouraged to tidy up and purge their workspaces so that they are left with only the essentials. Additionally, they are told to arrange everything logically to promote easy access and efficient workflow. As part of the activity, staff members are encouraged to regularly clean their workstations, tools, and surrounding areas in order to maintain a clean atmosphere. The activity also highlights the importance of cleanliness and shine.
Additionally, Ina Micro Opto Corp offers a monthly rewards program to reward exceptional 5S compliance. The award for the "model section of the month" is given to the section or department that best illustrates a full application of the 5S technique. This recognition encourages others to strive for excellence in preserving a clean and orderly workplace and sets a standard for other areas.
In order to foster a culture of order, cleanliness, and continuous improvement, Ina Micro Opto Corp. combines the daily General Cleaning activity with the monthly 5S awards program. These actions not only make the workplace safer and more productive, but also boost employee morale and boost workplace pride.